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Planting trees to help protect waterways
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They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ the same could be said about protecting our waterways. It’s a conscious effort by everyone to help make it happen. The simple action of planting trees in the right place at the right time can make a difference to our waterways. This year Wattie’s is starting their annual riparian planting journey in partnership with Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to help improve the health of the Karamu stream.


Hawke's Bay Riparian Planting 2019

What is riparian planting?

Riparian planting is re-introducing strips of vegetation along the border of waterways. This creates a riparian zone which is the interface between the land and the river or stream.

Why is it important?

Riparian planting plays a critical role to the health of the surrounding land and waterways, with the plants:

  • functioning like a sieve, helping to filter out sediment and pollutants before they enter waterways
  • serving to intercept and filter any run off in times of significant rain events
  • stabilising and protecting the stream banks from erosion
  • shading the waterways which lowers the water temperature & reduces weed growth (resulting in better oxygen levels) which improves the survivability of fish and macroinvertebrate (e.g. insects, snails, roundworms)
  • serve to improve habitat for birds and bees improving pollination opportunities in orchards and for crops

Wattie’s planting for waterways

On 17th July 2019 Wattie’s begins their journey to help improve the health of the Karamu stream through riparian planting. Wattie’s are working with the Hawkes Bay Regional Council to plant native trees that will improve both the waterways and the land on the Hasting orchard, leased and operated by Heinz Wattie’s.

In this initial planting programme, 3,000 trees, shrubs and grasses – all natives – will be planted along a 400m stretch of waterway by around 30 people. This is a partnership involving Heinz Wattie’s and several its business partners/suppliers, as well as Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. 

Bruce Mackay, Wattie’s Senior Crop Supply Agronomist (aka ‘the science and plant man’) has been leading the charge with Grace Barclay, Assistant Agronomist saying “this is just one step on a journey to improve our local waterways that we’re excited to continue over the coming years.”

The Wattie's Riparian PlantingTeam

Riparian Planting 3

Great team, great day out, great benefits for the waterways!

The first annual Wattie’s riparian planting in Hawkes Bay has been a success. The hard-working team planted 3,000 trees in a single day. 

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