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Find out why you should choose our NZ Grown and Plant Based products and how our cans are 100% recyclable. 


Juicy, Sweet, Choose NZ Grown

Choose NZ Grown

We're a bit biased here at Wattie's but we believe that New Zealand grows some of the best quality produce in the world.  Fruit and vegetables such as sun ripened peaches, sweet baby peas and beautiful black doris plums.  There are so many benefits to choosing NZ Grown but for us its always been about supporting local growers & communities and making quality produce available for Kiwis to enjoy all year around.

Earth Friendly. Choose 100% Recyclable

Cans are 100% recyclable 

Here at Wattie's we're proud of our heritage in canning and because steel cans recycle forever with no loss of quality they continue to be a good choice. And did you know that recycling a can takes significantly less energy than creating a new one so let's encourage everyone to enjoy all the benefits of cans!

Source of Protein - Choose Plant-Based

Choose Plant Based

Wattie's is one of New Zealand's largest plant based processors.  With a wide range of products from canned fruit, legumes to soups we've been helping Kiwis for years to enjoy and cook more plant based meals.  Many of these products have become staples in Kiwi kitchens and with this growing trend of plant based eating we're excited to help Kiwis continue making good food choices. 

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