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Grading Facility – For Only the Best Wattie’s Beetroot
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Learn about how our beets are graded after they are harvested.


Maintaining freshness is so important to the taste and quality of the end product so trucks go directly from the paddocks to Wattie’s new grading facility. This facility is a significant investment by Wattie’s for the beetroot industry in Hawke’s Bay. Sitting just down the road from the factory means our beetroot is harvested, graded and processed all within a 20km radius. All beetroot is inspected for quality and is then graded. Grading means separating all the beetroot into various sizes; baby beetroot, medium beetroot, large beetroot and any extra-large beetroot is sold off for cattle food. The smallest beetroot are kept as baby beets for canning, whereas the medium and large beetroot are predominately used in sliced or diced beetroot. For maximum efficiency Hayden has live cameras in the factory so he can see when they require more beetroot for processing. If the factory is working quickly then Hayden knows he can keep harvesting and grading his beetroot.

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