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Tomatoes: 148 Rosser Road, Hawke’s Bay
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Here at Wattie's we have been growing and canning tomatoes for over 80 years!


At 148 Rosser Road in Hawke's Bay we grow our very own varieties of tomatoes to make the most of our canned tomato products. This field of red tomatoes is one of many in the Hawke's Bay producing over 30,000 tonnes every year.

Tomato Grower Image

Our tomatoes are first raised as seedlings in a greenhouse. Over 6.6 million seeds are carefully planted and seedlings raised before they are transplanted into Hawke's Bay fields to grow and ripen under the Hawke's Bay sun. Unlike when you grow your tomatoes at home we don't need to stake our tomatoes which makes the job a lot easier!

What makes our tomatoes special? We use a specially bred tomato seed for New Zealand that thrives in cooler, sometimes wetter conditions, making sure that we provide kiwis with the best quality NZ Grown tomatoes possible.

We use the 'Traffic Light System', but in reverse, to make sure our tomatoes are ready for harvest at the best time. Red means GO for juicy Hawke's Bay tomatoes!

Over 90% of the canned tomatoes Wattie's sells each year are produced in the Hawke's Bay, the balance we buy from another nation of tomato producing experts, Italy. To ensure you are buying our NZ Grown tomatoes look out for the NZ Grown logo on pack.

Tomato Seedlings
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