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Boysenberries in the Family’s Blood
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Taste the difference with Wattie’s Boysenberries, proudly grown in Hawke’s Bay by Craig and Lani Julian, our passionate growers. Look for the NZ Grown label on pack.

Craig and Lani Julian are second generation growers who supply these luscious berries to Wattie’s from their Whakatane orchard they took over from Craig’s parents 16 years ago. The third generation, who are only 12 and 9 years old, are already expressing an interest in continuing this tradition in years to come. Boysenberries must be in the family’s blood!


The Julian’s grow five different varieties of boysenberries bred in Hawkes Bay and Nelson. The differing varieties spread their harvest from early December for about a month of intense activity each year. The berries are all handpicked when they are brilliantly dark in colour, sweet and juicy. The balmy Bay of Plenty summers result in deliciously sun-ripened fruit that Wattie’s then can down the road from the Julian’s orchard at our King Street factory so Kiwis can enjoy the sweet sun-ripened taste of summer all year round. 

Craig and Lani also grow kiwifruit and Feijoas on their Hawkes Bay orchards and often share their excitement around the uniqueness of the Feijoa with the Wattie’s Ag Team.

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