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We believe a table is more than just a place to eat. It’s where we come together with friends and loved ones and share more than just food. We give them the time they deserve; we share ideas and what's going on in our lives, quite simply we connect.
So, we’re here to bring more kiwis to the table.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be launching a series of Connection Tables. Partnering with local artists, our tables will be scenically placed around Aotearoa, each crafted with their own individual stories of connection, inspiring Kiwis to share more over a meal.
Make Mealtime Connection Time.


Come and connect over a meal at

The Nikau Table
By Josh Lancaster

Located at Corner of East Street, Beach Road and Clifton Road, Haumoana.

The Nikau Table is based on the idea of connecting in nature. A meeting place for humans and birds alike. Made from river stones with a Nikau umbrella, this is a place to pause and connect over food together.

Te Kotahi Nelson, By Maia Hegglun. Live from 26 September


Come and connect over a meal at

Te Kotahi
By Maia Hegglun

Located at Tahunanui Recreation Reserve, Nelson

The key whakairo in this piece is around using connection and coming together to honour the life sustaining activities we share every day. By coming together here, we will share what we have in common and celebrate our differences as whanau and friends. It’s something we can all do to create a better future.

The Brick Table Mangawhai, By Sara Hughes & Gregor Kregar. Live from 4 October

Mangawhai Heads

Coming soon

The Brick Table
By Sara Hughes & Gregor Kregar

Located at 147 Wintle Street, Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai

Launching on 20 October, the Brick Table echoes Sara and Gregor’s family ethos of coming together around a dining table. It’s part of the rhythm of life. It gives daily pause and allows connections as whanau. Built from bricks of their home, it is designed to offer New Zealanders the same experience they feel around the table, enjoying food together with friends and family.

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