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Fresh pumpkins used in popular Wattie’s® soup
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With the harvest of our butternut pumpkins – the last of the summer crops completed, we have started making one of NZ’s most popular soups, Wattie’s Very Special® Creamy Pumpkin soup.


While they are at peak freshness, over 650 tonnes of Hawke’s Bay pumpkins are turned into well over six hundred thousand cans of this creamy soup.  Another classic ingredient is real cream.

The soup features NZ butternut pumpkin because of its natural creamy texture, rounded pumpkin flavour and consistently bright colour.  To get the best quality we make this soup from fresh butternut pumpkin. You can’t beat making this soup from a fresh ingredient and it has a delicious flavour profile.

A source of antioxidants and fibre, butternut pumpkin is a very versatile vegetable and an ingredient in over 20 of our Wattie’s products. The butternut pumpkin crop is grown in Hawke’s Bay as a rotation crop with tomatoes, which have already been harvested.  Because of its tough skin, butternut pumpkin is one of the easier crops we manage. Others like asparagus, peas, corn and tomatoes need to be processed within hours of harvesting.

It’s what’s inside that makes our soup very special.

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