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Wattie’s 2020 Pea Harvest
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Wattie’s grow and harvest the largest area of peas in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, it has the longest pea harvesting season in the world! Over 38,000 tonnes of peas are harvested by Wattie’s here each year.

Wattie’s  farmers have vast experience in growing the very best peas.  Their knowledge is handed down and nurtured between generations. The Maw family has been farming at Barrhill, mid Canterbury for four generations - since 1925 and have been supplying Wattie’s for the last 20 years.

Keeping everything local ensures Wattie’s get the best peas to supermarket shoppers. Wattie’s peas can go from field to fork without delay because their factory is close to the farms. As soon as peas reach optimum tenderness, they are harvested, washed, blanched and quickly frozen to preserve their full flavour.

Best of all, peas, like other legumes, are a delicious planet-friendly food that’s also good for you. They’re a great low-fat source of dietary fibre. Yum!

Check out our delicious recipes using Wattie’s NZ Grown Peas.

Pea-licious inspiration:

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