Wattie's Step by Step Canning Process

Have you ever wondered how your favourite products end up in a can?  If you have tried ‘preserving’ or ‘bottling’ at home, then you will have a fairly good idea of the process.  If you haven’t, then check out the diagram below to see how ‘heat’ and not ‘preservatives’ is used to ensure quality products are ready for you, when you want to use them.

Wattie's Step by Step Canning Process

Harvesting Crops

We select the finest produce,
picked at the peak of the season.

Produce Grading

We have strict quality measures, 
choosing only the best.


Produce gets washed and
prepared for canning. 

Filled and Sealed

Recipe ingredients go into the can and
then it's sealed so that quality is locked in. 

Steam Cooking

Steam cooking in the can keeps perishable
food fresh without needing preservatives. 


The cans are cooled rapidly to
stop the cooking process and to
maximise the flavour. 

To Store Shelf

So you can enjoy all year round.

For your favourite meal