Wattie's Plant Proteinz soups - with 15g of plant protein

Soup just got a bowl lot better! With 15g of plant protein per serve, and four delicious flavours, plant protein-based meals are easier than ever before - and ready in no time!


There are many good reasons to start cutting down on meat, and to stick with it once you start. In doing so, it's important to maintain your protein intake, and we want to make that as simple as possible.

So, we're giving the underdog of the protein world our support. Now, plant-based diets are no longer just for hippies and hipsters. With Wattie’s Plant Proteinz soups, we're making plant protein-based meals easier for all.

With the goodness of plant proteins and a fantastic array of flavours, we're putting plants on a pedestal - where they belong.

Let's take the pork off our forks, chicken out of old-school protein sources and have no more beef with this plant packed approach to nourishment.

  • 15g of plant protein per serve
  • 4 deliciously flavours
  • Convenient single-serve packs

Mediterranean Style Vine-Ripened Tomato Soup

Sweet-yet-savoury tomatoes are blended with mellow, buttery white beans for a classic soup combination that is brightened and enlivened by refreshing red capsicums.

Thai-Style Pumpkin Soup

Starting with the sweet notes of pumpkin swirled with creamy coconut milk, this Thai-style soup gets elevated by hearty, nutty chickpeas for a flavour that gets even more delicious with every spoonful.

Homestyle Vegetable Soup

Red lentils provide the depth of this wholesome, homestyle vegetable soup, and with the spinach and quinoa we've tossed into the mix, you've got a warming, nourishing bowl worth staying inside for.

Mexican Style Tomato and Black Bean Soup

Rich, earthy black beans paired with lively, lush tomatoes dance together in fiesta of flavour alongside corn and smoked paprika, for a vibrant soup reminiscent of Mexican cuisine.

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