Wattie’s Legumes in Springwater- Pinto Bean and Cannellini Bean

Our range of Legumes in Springwater just expanded! Check out our two new products below! Available in New World and Pak’n Save today!

Plant Based Goodness

Introducing our two NEW Wattie’s Legumes packed in New Zealand Springwater which are both good sources of plant based protein.

Extremely versatile, Cannellini beans are suited for all types of meal options including salads, stews and soups. Pinto beans offer the authentic Mexican experience and are the key ingredient to the perfect refried beans. Packed in New Zealand Springwater, there’s no need to rinse them before eating! They come with an easy open lid for added convenience. Both Cannellini and Pinto beans are a great protein alternative and are perfect in vegetarian, flexitarian and vegan diets.

Slow Cooked Beef Enchiladas

Time to whip out the slow cooker for these delicious Mexican Beef Enchiladas! Combined with the salsa they’re packed full of flavour and freshness and are totally worth the time!

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Refried Bean Burritos

These healthy, homemade refried bean burritos are great for Mexican night! Plus they make great leftovers for lunch!

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Garlic & White Bean Purée

This is a healthy 3-ingredient side dish that’s weeknight-friendly and tastes great with some grilled fish or chicken.

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Vegetarian Cottage Pie

This deliciously comforting, healthy cottage pie has you sorted with 5+ vegetables! And it’s freezer-friendly so you can whip up a batch and enjoy anytime!

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