Wattie's Cans for Good - 2017 Winners

Collect. Educate. Create. Donate. Find out about our Wattie's Cans for Good - an exciting national event running week of 13th August by The Salvation Army in partnership with Wattie's for New Zealand primary schools.

Can Creation Winners 2017

We were amazed with the phenomenal entries submitted for Cans for Good in 2017. All the entries we received were amazingly creative and reflected the hardwork and careful thought put in by their creators. It was really hard selecting the winners for our Can Creation and Can Label competitions. We selected five winners for the Can Creation competition and three winners for the Can Label competition who best met our criteria of ‘creativity’, ‘significance’ and ‘effort’. Check out last year’s winners here.

Palmerston North Adventist Christian School Entry

Winner: Palmerston North Adventist Christian School (Palmerston North)

Why they’ve won:

The kids at Palmerston North Adventist Christian School put a lot of thought into their beautiful Can Creation showcasing a personable character with a thumbs up. The Can Creation represents a can do attitude as the school believes that with a helping hand and heart of service a little can go a long way. With only 97 children, the school donated an impressive 580 cans! What an amazing effort!

Check out their entry here.

Eastern Hutt School Entry

Winner: Eastern Hutt School (Lower Hutt)

Why they’ve won:

Well done to class E3 at Eastern Hutt School who created a stock motion video of their Christmas tree. The class decided to create a Christmas tree because it made them feel good and remember fun times with their family. When you watch the stock motion video you’ll see how the clever placement of the cans replicate the sparkling lights on a Christmas tree. With 650 students, Eastern Hutt School collected 700 cans! Well done!

Check out their entry here.

Ashgrove School Entry

Winner: Ashgrove School (Rangiora)

Why they’ve won:

This can creation stock motion video created by Ashgrove School cleverly ties in their school logo of the three ash trees with their school name and motto “Growing Together For Success”. With only 540 students, Ashgrove School collected over 700 cans for the Rangiora Salvation Army Food Bank.

Check out their entry here.

Chapel Hill Kindergarten Entry

Winner: Chapel Hill Kindergarten (Hamilton)

Why they’ve won:

Chapel Hill Kindergarten have been fascinated by marble runs and marble races so they had the bright idea to create a marble run course using cans of food along the embankment of their kindy. With only 67 children, Chapel Hill Kindergarten collected an impressive 115 cans. Check out their video to catch all the excitement.

Check out their entry here.

Green Bay School Entry

Winner: Green Bay School (Auckland)

Why they’ve won:

Green Bay School with 650 students collected around 710 cans of food which they used to make a picture of a girl saying “I can because we all can help each other in a small or big way. Everything is possible with a “I can” attitude!” What a beautiful message to share with everyone Green Bay School!

Check out their entry here.

Can Label Winners 2017

Can Label 2017 Winners

Also offered for the first time was a 'Can Label' competition that aimed to get students to design their own can labels for Wattie's Canned Peaches. Here are the winning submissions.

  • Annalei Symmons, 13, Longford Intermediate School – Annalei’s label demonstrated great artistic design and attention to detail. It had all the essentials in terms of the product name, brand, barcode and nutritional panel information. We loved the peach personality, front and centre on the pack shot too and the colour scheme balanced out all the elements of the design! Well done Annalei!
Annalei Symmons Can Label Entry
  • Tiana Turnbull, Year 7, Aparima College – Tiana’s can label was simple and had some great messaging. The grown with love was a clear stand out on the packaging.
Tiana Turnbull Can Label Entry
  • Jai Crowe, 11, Paroa School - Jai’s label stood out for its eye-catching colour and detail. We loved the attention-getting “When life is just peachy” message as well as the serving suggestions.
Jai Crowe Can Label Entry

Wattie's Cans for Good video

Wattie's Cans for Good

Check out our winners from 2016.

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