Wattie’s Burger Sauce – For Better Tasting Burgers

This tasty trio of sauces lets you recreate your fave burgers in the comfort of your own home! Check out our three new Burger Sauce products below. Available in supermarkets today.

Burgers Can't Resist Wattie's Burger Sauce

Say buh-bye to boring burgers! Try our tasty trio of sauces featured in our irresistible burger recipes below. Also perfect for chips, wraps & salad.

Kiwi Burgers

Nothing beats a legendary Kiwi burger done well. With the new Wattie’s Classic Burger Sauce, it’s unbeatable!

Check out the recipe here

Smoky Beef & Bacon Burgers

You won’t be able to resist this burger packed full of beef, bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and smothered with Wattie’s Burger Sauce!

Check out the recipe here

Tex Mex Crumbled Chicken Burgers

These Tex Mex burgers are super crunchy because they use corn chips as a crumb. Paired with a chipotle & jalapeno burger sauce it's perfect for your Mexican night!

Check out the recipe here

Heinz Watties