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Welcome to Wattie's Project Cook, where we get kids cooking!

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From about the age of nine, kids have the skills to start learning to cook, and our research has told us that's when they want to start. So we've created Wattie's Project Cook to get kids into cooking. It is based around eight favourite recipes:

To be healthy and have a balanced diet it's important to know what's in the food you eat. By learning the basics of cooking you'll have a better understanding of nutrition and what's in a meal.

In 2005 Project Cook was sent to 1600 intermediate schools for use in the Technology curriculum.  It was developed in consultation with food writers, dietitians and home economics teachers and has been distributed free of charge. Project Cook explores the ingredients, techniques, technology and nutrition behind each of five simple recipes.

Wattie's Project Cook is fun too! Make it your mission to get cooking at home, at school and with your family and friends!

The Project Cook Report  looks at the research behind Project Cook and asks 'can our kids only txt for take-out? '

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