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Where can I get Food in a Minute recipes?

You can find all Food in a Minute® recipes at There, you can also register for Food in a Minute emails which include our featured recipes.

How long do canned foods retain their taste, goodness and nutritional value?

When stored in a cool, dry place, canned foods retain their taste, goodness and nutritional value for two to three years.

How do I know what’s in Wattie’s products?

Simply check the label on every product we make. On each label you’ll find all of the ingredients listed in descending order – with those present in the greatest amount (by ingoing weight) listed first, to the least.

How do I know how to prepare Wattie’s products?

Some Wattie’s products require preparation instructions and some do not. Those that do provide easy-to-follow preparation instructions on the label or package. If you have any questions about the preparation of a Wattie’s product, call 0800 653 050.

Does Wattie’s make gluten free products?

Yes, Wattie's offers a range of gluten free products as a way to cater to everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements. Visit Heinz Wattie's Allergen Centre for a complete list of our gluten free offering.

How about dairy-free products?

Yes, we offer a number of dairy-free products. Please visit the Heinz Wattie’s Allergen Centre for a complete list of our dairy-free offering.

I’m allergic to nuts. How do I know if there are any nuts in a Wattie’s product?

We carefully label our products to accurately list the ingredients found in each one. If nuts or traces of nuts are found in a product, it will be clearly stated on the label. Or, for more info on our products free from peanuts, visit the Heinz Wattie's Allergen Centre.

Can you freeze canned food once opened?

With the exceptions of baby foods, custards and desserts, you can freeze most of our canned foods for three months once opened. However, some foods do not maintain the same consistency once frozen and defrosted. Be sure to ‘de-can’ any food and place it in a plastic container before freezing.

Are Wattie’s products GE free?

Yes, all Wattie’s products are GE free.

Are Wattie’s cans recyclable?

Yes, all of our cans are recyclable.

Is the lacquer on the inside of Wattie’s cans harmful?

No, the gold coating found in the inside of cans is “epoxy phenolic” and the white coating is "epoxy anhydride", both of which are resin-based materials that have been approved by the FDA, the United States Food and Drug Administration, to have contact with food.

Is the meat used in Wattie’s products Halal?

No, the meat we use in our products is not Halal.

What does ‘made from local and imported ingredients’ mean?

This statement is found on the label of some of our products. It means that these products are made from ingredients grown or produced in New Zealand as well as other ingredients that are not grown or produced in New Zealand.

If I’m pregnant is it safe to consume Wattie’s dressings?

Yes, you can rest assured that the eggs in Wattie’s dressings are fully cooked and safe for expectant women to enjoy.

Does Wattie’s produce foods that are suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, please check the ingredients list on the label or contact us on 0800 653 050

How do I apply for sponsorship or donations?

If you’d like to enquire about Wattie’s sponsorship opportunities or donations, please contact us by clicking here or via the other contact information available on our Contact Us page.

Does Wattie’s conduct Factory Tours?

Unfortunately, due to Health and Safety requirements, we are no longer able to conduct factory tours to the general public.

What are considered general serving sizes of different foods?

Generally, a serving size is what can fit into the palm of your hand.  So if you’re an adult, your serving size is larger than the serving size of a child (since your hand is larger.)

What is a ‘nutrition information panel’ and how do I read one?

A nutrition information panel is a mandatory table found on the back of a food packet that tells you how much of each nutrient you will find in the food. For more on how to read a nutrition information panel, see our article on Reading Food Labels.

Should I be eating gluten free products to be healthy?

If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional as having coeliac disease, then you need to avoid all plants containing the protein gluten as it will damage the lining of your intestine. Don’t avoid grains containing gluten unless you have a confirmed diagnosis, otherwise you risk becoming deficient in some essential nutrients found in these grains.

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