Table Sauces

Add flavour to any meal with a Wattie’s Table Sauce!

Whether it be Wattie’s Tomato Sauce, our range of Specialty Sauces or even our Chutneys and Pickles – you choose which one tastes best with your favourite Kiwi tucker. There’s a Wattie’s Sauce for every meal, every occasion and everyone!

Specialty Sauces

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    Wattie's® Steak Sauce is a tasty fruity sauce with a slight peppery flavour, perfect for tenderising or adding flavour to meat before you barbecue or as a condiment, once cooked. Available in a 560g Upside Down bottle.

    Table Sauces / Specialty Sauces
    • No preservatives
    • 99% Fat free
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Smokey BBQ Butterflied Chicken

Smokey BBQ Butterflied Chicken

Fire up your BBQ and get it smokin’ with this delicious, smokey butterfly chicken recipe made easy with Wattie’s Smoked Hickory Flavoured BBQ Sauce. Feast on this beautifully tender and moist BBQ chicken that requires only 5 ingredients!