Frozen Meals

Frozen Meals

When time’s not on your side, Wattie’s Frozen Meals are. No time to cook? Have a Wattie’s Frozen Meal instead. With so many different meals to choose from, everyone’s tastes are catered to at mealtime. All of our frozen meals are made with only the best ingredients so you can count on your next Wattie’s frozen meal being just as tasty as the last.

Frozen Meals

From traditional kiwi favourites like Cottage pie, Lasagne, or Macaroni cheese, to our latest and greatest Butter chicken or Chicken and mushroom risotto, there’s a wide range of Wattie’s Frozen Meal to try. Check your supermarket freezer!

Where there’s an appetite, there’s a delicious Wattie’s frozen meal to satisfy it.

Frozen Meals / Snack Meals

  • Cottage Pie
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    • Good source of protein
    Health Star Rating

    Cottage Pie

    Homestyle mince and vegetables, with a tasty potato topping.

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Please note: We recommend that consumers carefully read ingredient labels on food products because foods can sometimes be reformulated and the ingredients, allergen or nutrition information can sometimes change without notice.