Cooking Sauces

Cooking Sauces

What makes an inspiring meal? You and Wattie’s Cooking Sauces.

When you think you’re too busy to cook, think again. Wattie’s Cooking Sauces let you create delicious and nutritious meals in minutes. Whether you’re cooking for one, or a family of four, or five or six, there’s a Wattie’s Cooking Sauce to suit everyone’s tastes.

Creations Sauces

Curry Creations

Love Indian food? Try Wattie’s Curry Creations - rich Indian inspired cooking sauces infused with traditional ingredients such as ginger, chillies and tandoori spices. Just add your choice of meat or vegetables for delicious Indian dishes in minutes.  These curry sauces are slow cooker friendly too.

Easy Butter Chicken

This butter chicken recipe is perfect when you are looking for a quick mid-week curry to please. We love that it can be on the table in just 30 minutes. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves and serve with poppadoms to help bring the taste of India into your home!

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