Diced Chicken

Canned Chicken

Wattie’s Chicken is deliciously cooked, premium chicken breast that’s ready to eat whenever you want it. Whether you want diced or shredded chicken, we’ll have something that you’ll really enjoy.  Keep it in your pantry, the desk drawer or just about anywhere else for a quick, easy and super tasty addition to any meal or snack.  

Canned Chicken


Some great ways to enjoy Wattie’s Chicken

  • Fill sandwiches, wraps and pita pockets
  • Stir through pasta or rice
  • Enjoy on top of crackers
  • Add to a variety of salads
  • Use to top pizza
  • Include in your sushi filling

Wattie’s Chicken is a great protein option you can add to any meal. And since it’s fully cooked with no refrigeration needed, it’s perfect for picnics, boating, or wherever else you might need a quick snack on the run.


Fresh Meal Ideas with Wattie’s Chicken

Here are some delicious meal ideas using Wattie's Chicken.

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