During the months of October through to mid- December the sweetcorn seed is planted in the sunny Hawke’s Bay. Our Sweetcorn Agronomist, Hayden, progressively schedules the sowing of the seeds and works closely with our growers so we can optimise freshness and maturity when it comes to harvest.  

Corn Harvester
Corn field

The grower’s sow over 65,000 seeds per hectare. Wattie’s corn grower’s produce two different variants of corn. The first being cream style corn and the second variant is super sweet corn. Collectively that is 25 million seeds to be planted!


It takes corn around 115 days to grow – which means February is the time to start harvesting! Check out the images below of our Wattie’s corn growers in the thick of harvesting. Does anyone know what Hawke’s Bay mountain range is in the background of the picture below?

Mountain Range
Taste the Difference