Learn About NZ Grown Tomatoes

Grown in Hawke's Bay. Learn more about our NZ Grown Tomatoes and our passionate growers.

NZ Grown Tomatoes
NZ Grown Tomatoes

Tomatoes: 148 Rosser Road, Hawke’s Bay

Here at Wattie's we have been growing and canning tomatoes for over 80 years!


Farming is in the blood

Taste the difference with Wattie’s tomatoes, proudly grown in the Hawke’s Bay by the Apatu family. Look for the NZ Grown label on pack.

Mexicano Sausages

Family Favourite Recipes with Wattie's Canned Tomatoes

With a can of Wattie’s Tomatoes in the cupboard you always have the beginnings of a great meal! Here are some of favourites to get you inspired.
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