Peas: 576 Southbridge Dunsandel Road, Canterbury

Meet Andrew, one of our passionate pea growers, and his family! Andrew and his father have been growing peas and beans with Wattie's for over 30 years.

Peas: Imported From 576 Southbridge Dunsandel Rd, Canterbury

Andrew is one of over 200 growers working hard year-round to produce our biggest crop - the mighty pea, all 32,000 tonnes of them!

Andrew's Family

With a temperate climate, not too much and not too little rain, Canterbury is the best place in New Zealand to grow peas. Based in Leeston, Andrew's farm is in right of the middle of prime pea growing country.

Check out Andrew’s farm two weeks from harvest this February:

Pea Field
Pea Field

Just around the corner from Andrew is another passionate grower - Chris.


Chris is another grower at the heart of our Canterbury team. Chris and his wife Julie have been growing peas, beans and baby carrots with Wattie's for over 20 years!

Did you know that each field of Wattie's peas is planted with its harvest date already in mind? Chris tends to plant his peas in December with a harvest in February to capture as much of the Canterbury sun as possible.

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Here at Wattie's we have been growing and canning tomatoes for over 80 years!

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Pea Pod

To say we are passionate about peas in Canterbury is an understatement. Peas are the cornerstone of the Wattie’s frozen business in the South Island. Our Wattie’s Agronomists Simon, Nigel, Phil and Maddie live and breathe these pods of perfection everyday working to help bring peas to Kiwis all year round. Just look for the NZ Grown label on pack!

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