Learn About NZ Grown Peaches

Grown in Hawke’s Bay since 1934 we’re proud as of our sweet as Golden Queen Peaches. Learn more about our NZ Grown Peaches and our passionate growers. 

NZ Grown Peaches
NZ Grown Peaches
Ladbrooks Family

Peaches: 223 Paki Paki Road, Hastings

Spanning over three generations, the Ladbrooks' at Paki Paki Road in Hastings are one of our longest-standing family of peach growers!

Bruce Mackay, Wattie’s Senior Crop Supply Agronomist

Proudly Growing Perfect Peaches

We reckon less is more when it comes to growing the ideal peach. Read more about how our growers “thin” our peach crops in December each year.


Third generation peach growers

Proudly grown in the sunny Hawke’s Bay by generations of the Burbury family – our passionate growers. Look for the NZ Grown label and taste the difference!

Perfect Peach Sweet Treats

Perfect Peach Sweet Treats

Wattie's New Zealand grown peaches are full of flavour and a Kiwi favourite eaten on their own, in baking or desserts. Try some of our tried and trusted favourites.
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